Pat Novak. Intuitive.

Look Deeper. Feel More.


Meditations are active portals which connect your inner and outer worlds.

Within the Pat Novak method of Intuitive Therapy, meditations become incredible and reliable gateways into your personal belief systems and feelings. They will allow you to become more in touch with yourself, more honestly and quickly than with traditional therapies. You are able to easily gain the clarity and emotional release needed in order to facilitate true healing. While simultaneously developing the vision and meditative techniques to create a more positive present and future.

Once in a guided meditation, a story unfolds to help you see the reality of a situation. Within a meditative session, you can work to heal a problem with a loved one, a job situation, or an issue with success which is holding you back. Create more love, more passion, understanding and forgiveness. Uncover resistances and perceived limitations which have kept you stuck.

The Pat Novak method of Intuitive Therapy uses and teaches active meditation as one of the most creative, powerful resources available to you. In order to access your subconscious and unconscious minds, your deeper feelings, as well as your spiritual heritage. However you use this powerful tool, you life will become more focused, expansive and meaningful.

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