Pat Novak. Intuitive.

Look Deeper. Feel More.

l i f e . c o a c h

As an Intuitive Life Coach, Pat Novak uses her intuitive skills to help you gain clarity and direction in every day situations and life goals. Often we feel others have the control or are involved in situations we cannot seem to change no matter how hard we try. Pat Novak’s intuitive insight and practical advice, will help you realize you always have a choice and can change anything if the willingness is there.

In personal relationships, career choices, decision-making, it is essential you know your true feelings and motivations. It also helps to know how other people involved may be thinking or feeling. Unlike a psychic hotline, that tells you your future and can create false hope. You will receive down-to-earth guidance and enlightened knowledge to create or allow the reality you really want. Your own intuitive, creative and decision-making abilities will also be encouraged and enhanced.


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