Pat Novak. Intuitive.

Look Deeper. Feel More.

i n t u i t i v e . t h e r a p y

The Pat Novak method of Intuitive Therapy is a practical and magical map for creating change in a way simply not possible before.

It provides truly effective methods for identifying and healing blockages and past issues. Connecting with emotions and subconscious patterns in a safe environment, you will gain more clarity in daily situations and begin to create new life patterns that work for you, rather than against you. It will become easier to create new pathways of success, intimacy and wholeness.

Intuitive Transformational Therapy™ will assist you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses in order to evolve a more valued self. It will help you connect to a deeper level of self-worth and self-love. Learn how to create true self-esteem rather than labor under false esteem. Finding the pathway into a more authentic and creative place within you. This comes from honoring your higher “wiser” self and your darker or “shadow” self. Both are essential voices within you needing to surface in order to truly heal and create change.

Utilizing what works in traditional therapy, the Pat Novak method of Intuitive Therapy then creates new levels of discovery and growth. Educated intuition and meditation are valuable resources to integrate into your daily life. Everyone has the capacity to learn and benefit from these tools. You just need to learn the way in.

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