Pat Novak. Intuitive.

Look Deeper. Feel More.

c r e a t e . y o u r . r e a l i t y

Recently much has been written about the concept of creating your own reality. From Deepak Chopra, quantum physics, Zero Point Field, The Circle etc., science and spirituality are now trying to explain and define this concept. Basically, creating or allowing your own reality puts it all back in your lap. Nothing changes until you do, means your very thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs make the reality you live in. Want to know what you believe? Look at your reality. Most of it you didn’t create consciously. The beliefs and true feelings that did, lie in your subconscious and unconscious minds. To begin to take responsibility, you need to find a way to bring those beliefs and feelings into your conscious mind. Within your conscious mind you now have the power of choice.

The Pat Novak method of Intuitive Therapy will help you work with and understand this concept if you choose to do so… to grasp this amazing concept of a universe that responds to us. With the humility and loving guidelines needed to effectively create change.

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